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All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
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S. NO. Title Opening Date Closing Date
1 Purchase of NEBNext Direct Cancer Hotspot Panel Reagents, for the Deptt. of Pathology, AIIMS, New Delhi-29 on proprietary basis- Inviting comments thereon.(32/Stores/Path/CS/2017-18/RS) 08-12-2017 26-12-2017
2 Purchase of Sensors, for the Deptt. of N.M.R., AIIMS, New Delhi-29 on proprietary basis- Inviting comments thereon.(33/Stores/NMR/RJ/2017-18/RS) 08-12-2017 26-12-2017
3 Purchase of Mega Retractor System Set for the department of ENT, AIIMS, New Delhi-29 on proprietary basis Inviting Comments thereon. (Ref. No.29/SO(DO)/ENT/PAC/2017-18/FSC) 27-11-2017 11-12-2017
4 Purchase of “Nexiva (Integrated Closed Catheter System)” on proprietary basis 27-11-2017 11-12-2017
5 Purchase of Extracellular Flux Analyzer for the Department of Biochemistry (AIIMS), New Delhi-29, on proporietary basis inviting comments thereon (Ref. No. 36/Stores (DO)/Biochem/PAC/2017-18/FSC 25-11-2017 09-12-2017
6 Purchase of Xcelligence/iCELLigence System for the Department of Reproductive Biology, (AIIMS), New Delhi-29, on proprietary basis Inviting comments thereon (Ref No. 32/Stores(DO)/R.B./2017-18/FSC 25-11-2017 06-12-2017
7 Purchase of cell lines from LGC Promochem distribute of ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) on proprietary basis. 24-11-2017 07-12-2017
8 Purchase of Automated Vascular Ultrasonographic image and flow Analysis System for the department of Physiology, (AIIMS), New Delhi-110029, on Proprietary basis (Ref. No. 35/SO(DO)/Physio/PAC/2017-18/FSC) 21-11-2017 06-12-2017
9 Purchase of 4 Channel Digital Data Acquisition system and software for Conducing Human and Animal Experiments for the Department of Physiology, (AIIMS), New Delhi-110029 on proprietary basis Inviting comments thereon. (Ref. No. 34/Stores(DO)/Physio/PAC/2017-18/FSC) 21-11-2017 06-12-2017
10 -Purchase of Transport Incubator (Under Buy Back Basis) for the Department of Pediatrics Surgery, AIIMS, New Delhi-110029, on proprietary basis- Inviting Comments thereon. (Ref. No. 24/Stores (DO)/Pead. Surg./PAC.2017-18/FSC) 21-11-2017 06-12-2017

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