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Pirabhu S, Mittal P, Thakar A (corresponding author)  ( in press)


Vagal Paraganglioma and Shwannoma,


Eds.Gooi Zhen & Agarwal Nishant,

Difficult Decisions in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery


New Delhi



Print version awaited)


Sikka K, Thakar A.  

Vascular Compression Syndrome and Vertigo

Santosh K Kacker

Complicated Cases in Vertigo and Dizziness


New Delhi





Pirabhu S, Mittal P, Thakar A

Difficult Decisions in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery

Gooi Zhen & Agarwal Nishant

Difficult Decisions in Surgery: An Evidence-Based Approach 






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  1. List of edited books and monographs.


Book Review  – Rhino sinusitis with nasal polyposis (IJMR Book Reviews).

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